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How to Keep Off Excess Weight Going Into Fall and the Holidays.
Written by Julie Smith on Oct. 17th 2019
Losing weight is a constant challenge. Many of us face a barrage of media each day that discusses how to lose weight, yet for some reason, we might not be able to. 
Summer marks the beg...
Who Else Wants to Give Up Sugary Drinks?
Written by Julie Smith on Oct. 27th 2019
Sugary drinks have been linked to diabetes, obesity, and now to a shorter life span. A study led by Harvard University found that consuming at least two of these drinks each day makes you 31%...
NEW “holiday tea” burns belly fat all the way thru the Holiday season!

Written by Julie Smith on NOV. 6th 2015
Just sipping a cup of this hot, delicious, spiced beverage before 9 am allows you to outsmart the holi...

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